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We will make continuous efforts to introduce more books by teacher Zhi Xin
to readers. We sincerely invite everyone who has the chance to read his books
to join us in carrying forward China's kind culture, uncontested wisdom and
tolerant nature, so that people and countries will no longer fight but respect
each other, love each other, help each other and cooperate with each other,
so that all mankind as a whole can quickly upgrade and wake up and move
towards a better new era together!


A Profile of Teacher Zhi Xin

Teacher Zhi Xin, whose style name is Wu Yi (literally meaning “fully comprehensive”) and whose pseudonym is Zhi Xin (literally meaning “governing the heart”), is a poet, writer, thinker, artist, and wiseman who integrates Tao into his life. He was born in Sichuan and has experienced many adventures since childhood, which led to the subversion of his three contemplations in outlook on life, values, and world view, and then prompted him to begin to explore the truth of life and the mystery of the great Buddha-Path. Later, a Taoist master came unexpectedly to enlighten him carefully for years before he began to study Buddhism. So far, he has been immerging himself in all kinds of special and superior cognition for more than 20 years, enabling himself to finally realize the perfect reality of life and universe. His achievements are beyond description. Now he even uses his multiple identities and roles to interpret the great freedom of his life.

As he deepens his spiritual practice, he becomes even more understanding, more modest, and more compassionate. Therefore, he makes great efforts to do good deeds, hoping to enlighten and liberate all the people in the world. Consequently, he sets up the Jiuhe Jiufu Education to systematically develop the nine-order system for advanced courses in which are included nine sectors: individual, family, community, enterprise, school, government, nationality, religion and life. It is his sincere hope to help mankind return to the right path at an early date and realize world harmony.

Starting from the objective reality and the origin of life and standing on the perspective of the universe and the dharma to make life perfect, teacher Zhi Xin has proposed the Nine New Learning Thoughts on Perfect Harmony, hoping to completely resolve the major contradictions in five realms, including the physical and mental status in individuals, family relations, different cultures among peoples, different governance concepts in countries, and different religions and beliefs.

Using feeling language, mentality language, and consciousness language, teacher Zhi Xin is the first to create Three Languages for Wisdom of Mind as the life reality theory system. To explore the mystery of how life operates, he has also developed a series of courses with incomparably deep ideological connotations, such as Art of Dream Making, Words That Mind Reflects to Five Senses, Education on Left and Right Brain Balance and Journey of Kings. In addition, he also develops and personally teaches a series of courses such as Nine Harmonious Practices in Family; Nine Elements of Destiny; Nine Great Ways to Achieve Consummation; Nine Tenets for Leadership; Nine Spiritual Achievements for Teachers to Pursue; Nine Righteous Ways for Students to Practice; Nine Essentials of Vipassana Meditation; Nine Treatments for Complete Healing; Nine Fortunes of Life; The Truth of Life; The Doors of Perception; Walking, Standing, Sitting, and Lying; Perfect Enlightenment in Middle Way; Integration of Mind and Things; and Great Perfect Mirror Wisdom. Such series of courses cover the great wisdom on how to control the freedom of life in all aspects such as personal physical and mental health, family harmony and happiness, career development, happiness in life, and achievement of life value.

Teacher Zhi Xin is the author of True Self As I Am, a poetry organized according to different themes, thoughts, contents and styles into six volumes, namely Wu Yi Treasury, Fluctuation of Wu Yi, Enlightenment by Wu Yi, Notes by Zhi Xin, Wisdom of Zhi Xin and Zen Poems by Zhi Xin. Each volume skillfully interprets, from its own unique perspectives, the philosophy, wisdom and art of life in different levels.

Teacher Zhi Xin’s calligraphy is also unique. His masterful hand-written works reveal a sort of mind-controlling energy seemingly emitted from his imperial demeanor and aristocratic temperament; such an energy seems to offer an opportunity to open up our own essence of mind and its supreme and subtle innate secrets, ask about the nature of life, and play with the childlike fun of art.

Every work of teacher Zhi Xin is written, expressed, and deduced in a state of mighty virtue, great freedom and perfection derived from the source of life. Therefore, every work of his contains the supreme life energy, which fully demonstrates the consummate perfection of his correct paths to approach Nature and the universe.

Every word in his works is like a lively life, which is agile and joyful, vigorous and powerful, straightforward and magnanimous, rich and complete, detached and comfortable, sacred and solemn… Not only is it full of extremely high spirituality, beauty and charm, but it is also intriguing, fascinating, and sagacious. Rich in profound educational significance and cultural connotation, it is an excellent work to enhance one’s mind and life energy.

At the moment when one sees his works, one’s soul is captured and deeply attracted right away, feeling that his works have such an indescribable power to penetrate and to shock their viewers. At the very moment of surprise and admiration, one knows immediately that these magical and noble works full of spirituality are invaluable treasure to connect with one’s soul and to accompany one’s life, and they are of great collection value.

Calligraphy serves as a way to express teacher Zhi Xin’s compassionate wish and original intention to soften his disciples’ heart, enlighten their wisdom, and purify their soul in their daily life and working environment. That is also the reason why teacher Zhi Xin always spares his precious time to write calligraphy tailored to each of his disciples.

Teacher Zhi Xin shows and teaches his empirical way to many great Buddha-Path seekers who are exploring the mysteries of life, and his great wisdom and wonderful use are vividly reflected in his lectures and life. His love, which is as high as the sky and as wide as the earth, always deeply inspires everyone around him. Teacher Zhi Xin is compassionate and joyful. He can explain profound theories in simple language. He is adaptive but believes in fate. Spreading great perfect wisdom, he is a wise preacher who will make your life without regret if you are lucky enough to meet him in person.

Teacher Zhi Xin’s new book recommendation: Playing a Happy Life with Great Freedom-Understanding and Viewing. This book has been published and distributed globally in English, simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese editions, paper book and e-book format.

Editor's Foreword

This book is compiled and edited according to the lecture content of a three-day public welfare lecture on traditional Chinese culture given by teacher Zhi Xin in the autumn of 2020 in mainland China.

In the lecture, teacher Zhi Xin shared the mystery of how we, as ordinary people, can really play to lead a happy and comfortable life. Everything he shared comes from his own spiritual practice for decades, through which he has successfully proved in person all kinds of magic manifestations, and then summed them up into a very clear principium and shared it with everyone without reservation, which is a very unique tie of karma!

This mystery does not stand in the golden chamber or hide in the jungle but lies in every one of us. Although everyone is born with self-sufficient innate freedom and perfect wisdom in life, one may lose one’s mind because one may acquire wrong knowledge or understanding during the course of life. Such false belief may even evolve or expand to become the confusion and/or pain of life, the joys and sorrows of families, the contradictions and struggles between countries, and the various crises that mankind is currently facing. Under any of these circumstances, it will become an unattainable luxury for one to live happily and freely! Even the most basic demands of human beings who just want to survive can be totally destroyed by the driving mode of opposition and confrontation to each other! Therefore, the launch of this book is like a lighthouse in the dark night, which illuminates the road under the feet and the forward direction of every pursuer in his or her journey of life, making it so hopeful as long as he or she truly masters the mystery of operating life shared in this book. As this book says, it only takes three years to cleanse our destiny, and then we can find back all the innate good things that we own at birth, without the need to waste time for three incalculable eons!

Why? The key to everything lies in the dharma of mind! In the classics, it is said that the almsgiving of seven jewels of one billion worlds is not as good as one’s ability to control one’s single thought in a certain state of mind, as sometimes one’s single thought can be satisfactory! As Sixth Patriarch Hui Neng said: When you are enlightened in a single moment of thought, all beings are Buddhas; once you are deluded in a single moment of thought, Buddha is a sentient being. However, the misconceptions, acquired ideas, narrow cognition and ego clinging that wrap our souls are as thick as layers of fog barriers, which makes us seemingly unable to penetrate them to catch a glimpse of the light of truth and our true self. Nevertheless, it is very hard to be enlightened in a single moment of thought. How many years of wrestling in spiritual practice must you go through to build up the foundation and to pave the way to this “enlightenment in a single moment of thought”? Directly targeting people’s hearts, true masters and classics will never beat around the bush in the appearance and the outer form of things; they will never allow you to waste a lot of time but learn nothing. This book by Teacher Zhi Xin emphasizes this dharma of mind repeatedly. With the help of the complete wisdom rising in the book, we can break the delusion layer by layer until we can see clearly the truth of life. It is the moment when we will free ourselves from eternal imprisonment and give out a hearty laugh from the bottom of heart!

Teacher Zhi Xin will publish nine series courses, one of which is called Nine Elements of Destiny. This book called Playing a Happy Life with Great Freedom-Understanding and Viewing is only the first one in the series of Nine Elements of Destiny. It tells us how to understand the nature of life, that is, life habit energies and habitual mental operation modes; how to observe the life benefits projected by different mental models, and see through the causes behind them. This is just a small branch and profile of the huge curriculum system and wisdom system created by teacher Zhi Xin. Our Jiuhe Jiufu Education will make continuous efforts to organize and edit more lecture contents of teacher Zhi Xin into books for readers. We sincerely invite everyone who has the chance to read this book to join us in carrying forward China’s kind culture, uncontested wisdom and tolerant nature, so that people and countries will no longer fight but respect each other, love each other, help each other and cooperate with each other, so that all mankind as a whole can quickly upgrade and wake up and move towards a better new era together!

Reader's Testimonials

I finished reading the book "Playing a Happy Life with Great Freedom-Understanding and Viewing" in a weekend. Frankly speaking, I was deeply attracted. I can't wait to finish it. I heard the voice in my heart very clearly: This is what I want! This is the truth of life, the mystery of life, and the ultimate happiness that I have been exploring so hard! All the answers are here. For a hardcore bookworm like me, it's hard to have any book that can make me feel the joy and excitement that I have been missing for a long time like this book! Highly recommended!

It’s hard to see such a great Chinese book on Amazon. The content is vivid, humorous, readable, and informative. The essence of traditional Chinese culture is actually expressed very clearly by the author in such easy-to-understand language. It's like drinking good wine, it's intoxicating, you must like it!

I believe this is one of the good books that can bring peace to the world, bring happiness to life, and help human beings as a whole to sublimate and become conscious faster! Whether it is between people, between husband and wife in the family, or between nations, between countries, between religions, if you can truly let go of egoism and narrowness as mentioned in this book, give up the fighting and confrontation between each other, the world can achieve heaven! It seems that rationality is very important. It does require more people's awakening and hard work, and when it becomes more and more mainstream, this goal will eventually be achieved!