Calligraphy Art

Every work contains the supreme life energy.

Appreciation of Calligraphy Art

Teacher Zhi Xin’s calligraphy is also unique. His masterful hand-written works reveal a sort of mind-controlling energy seemingly emitted from his imperial demeanor and aristocratic temperament; such an energy seems to offer an opportunity to open up our own essence of mind and its supreme and subtle innate secrets, ask about the nature of life, and play with the childlike fun of art.

Every work of teacher Zhi Xin is written, expressed, and deduced in a state of mighty virtue, great freedom and perfection derived from the source of life. Therefore, every work of his contains the supreme life energy, which fully demonstrates the consummate perfection of his correct paths to approach Nature and the universe.

Every word in his works is like a lively life, which is agile and joyful, vigorous and powerful, straightforward and magnanimous, rich and complete, detached and comfortable, sacred and solemn… Not only is it full of extremely high spirituality, beauty and charm, but it is also intriguing, fascinating, and sagacious. Rich in profound educational significance and cultural connotation, it is an excellent work to enhance one’s mind and life energy.

At the moment when one sees his works, one’s soul is captured and deeply attracted right away, feeling that his works have such an indescribable power to penetrate and to shock their viewers. At the very moment of surprise and admiration, one knows immediately that these magical and noble works full of spirituality are invaluable treasure to connect with one’s soul and to accompany one’s life, and they are of great collection value.

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Client Feedback

Today, I finally invited more than a dozen calligraphy works by Teacher Zhi Xin. Every wall, every room, corridor and aisle in my house were hung up. I suddenly felt that the whole house became very artistic. The room is filled with warm energy, and my heart is also filled with inexplicable touch. I think this is happiness!

Each of these calligraphy works seems to be a living life. Stopping in front of it and looking at it for a long time, you can feel that they are delivering you unspeakable and beautiful information, and even you will become suddenly open minded, all kinds of worries in your life are all thrown out of the sky, I really like them!

Art is priceless. Offering a calligraphy to your friend or to your most beloved one is the best gift in itself. It is enough to please your heart, and it is also very practical. Hanging it in the living room makes it the best decorations, I feel that the grade of the whole house is up!