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We are not a traditional press but a cooperative press.

De Fu Publishing

De Fu Publishing is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia’s cultural capital and the world’s most livable city. It is a fully registered publishing member of the Australian Publishers Association, the top national institution representing the Australian publishing industry.

We are not a traditional press but a cooperative press. By working with us, you can get your work published promptly and efficiently, without having to be fussy or even rejected by traditional presses, as long as you have the work and a certain budget. Rare authors who are fortunate enough to be picked up by a traditional press will have to wait a long time before their work is ultimately issued. Worst of all, as a hard-working author, you don’t possess the copyright and lose a large percentage of the income from book sales.

Free Press

In opposition to this, De Fu Publishing supports free publishing. We assume that the marketplace should define the value of your work, not a single reviewer at a traditional press who takes less than 10 seconds to determine the fate of your work. Possibly each writer's aspirations are diverse. Some may be concerned about the economic interests their work can bring to them, others may value the increase in their popularity after the publication of their works, and others may be interested solely in writing aspects of their work.

Respect the Writer

No matter what your demands are, there is no right or wrong because following your heart is worthy of respect. The only thing you need to do is to give us your manuscript, and we'll take care of the rest. We will assist you in publishing and distributing your work in the form of e-books and paperbacks worldwide, thus reaching international exposure for your work and making your dream of a "global writer" come true. Our ultimate mission is to make great works cross the boundaries of language and culture and promote great culture to each corner of the globe!

Bridges Languages and Cultures

De Fu Publishing bridges languages and cultures worldwide to support writers in the Chinese and English-speaking worlds. We offer a Chinese-to-English service to help writers in the Chinese-speaking world translate their works into English and promote them to the English-speaking world. Also, vice versa, and we provide an English-to-Chinese service to support writers in the English-speaking world in translating their works into Chinese and promoting them to the Chinese-speaking world. As a matter of fact, we hold various professional multilingual translators worldwide, and we can support you carry out your objects, even if you want to publish your work in any language.

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